My Story.

     I figured if anyone was going to read anything I write, someone may want to know who am I am.. What I am about.. Most people may not care.. But, my goal is to touch at the least one person’s life with my story. So, here goes nothing.

     My name is Hunterpaige.  I often get called HP or Nunner.  I’m from a very small town.  The place that is the most fun to most teenagers here is.. Wal*Mart! (How lame- I know!)

      I gave my life to the Lord at a very young age.  So, I’m not the person that can give you tons of stories and help based on my past. 

     I began taking dance around the age of 3.  Ever since, it has been my passion.  I also do spirit and competition Cheerleading at my school! Go Dawgs!

     I strive to be the best person I can.  I’m not our average 16 year old.. Especially not where I am from.  Most teenagers (at least in my town) don’t really care about much- except drugs, drinking, alcohol, & well.. do I really have to name the other things?

     I believe that everyone was put on this Earth for a reason.  It is our choice to decide if we want to follow God’s plan for our life. 

     I am a major believer in “The Golden Rule”: Treat others as you would like to be treated. After all, the second greatest commandment is ‘love thy neighbor as thy self’. -Matthew 22:39.

   I strongly disagree with bullying.  I don’t like to see or hear of anyone being bullied. 

     I also disagree with abortion.  No one in their right mind agrees with murder.. Murder is when a human purposely kills another human being.  That is exactly what abortion is.  As soon as a baby is formed, no matter how little it is.. It is still a BABY.  Therefore it is a human.  Abortion is murder and I will not stand for it!

     This is all I have for now.. I want anyone to know that if you feel unwanted, God wants you.  He always has and always will.  If you need anyone to talk to, contact me. 

      Remember, God has a special plan for you.  You just have to allow Him to show it to you.

In Christ’s name…

     Love always,






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